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Membership: The Bexley Natural Market is a cooperative that is fully owned and supported by its community members. While you do not need to be a member to shop here, membership does have its benefits. The cost to become a member of the co-op is a one-time $30 payment that is fully reimbursable if you ever decide to no longer be a member. The annual dues are $40.

Benefits of being a member:

  • Supporting the mission and values of the co-op that allow our buyers to go the extra mile to purchase the highest quality products including local and small batch products

  • Shopping Discount: 5% off select items in the store or 10% for members over 65

  • Member-only Specials: Discounts on limited items

  • Invitations to Member-only value added events/activities

  • Welcome bag w/ $5 coupon & sampling of products

  • Request products and education that is beneficial to you

  • Attend board meetings with prior notice


Membership provides a 5% discount on each purchase at the store for any of the people living in the member’s household. If you are over the age of 65, the discount increases to 10%. If you are at the 5% rate and would like to volunteer at the co-op 8 hours per month, that discount increases to 10%.


Feel free to make recommendations, requests for product, and concerns



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