Membership Info

The Bexley Natural Market is a cooperative that is fully owned and supported by its community members. While you do not need to be a member to shop here, membership does have its benefits. The cost to become a member of the co-op is a one-time $30 payment that is fully reimbursable if you ever decide to no longer be a member. The annual dues are $25 and are prorated on a monthly basis. Members have until the end of January to renew their memberships for the following year.

                Membership provides a 5% discount on each purchase at the store for any of the people living in the member’s household. If you are over the age of 65, the discount increases to 10%. If you are at the 5% rate and would like to volunteer at the co-op 8 hours per month, that discount increases to 10%.


Members who are in good standing for one 1 year may apply to be on the board of trustees that oversee the Bexley Natural Market activities and finances. There are currently 4 vacant positions on the board. Members also receive a weekly co-op newsletter with new products and current events.


Stop on in today to get a membership application!