About Our Co-op

The Bexley Natural Market is a not-for-profit cooperative grocery store dedicated to providing food of the highest possible nutritional quality to our members and community. We provide many local and organic products, bulk foods, organic herbs and spices, as well as a vast array of vitamins and supplements to support the health of our customers. We like to support local businesses and farmers by being a space in which their products are available. The co-op’s unique decision-making process gives a sense of true democracy in a society where many important decisions are made by anonymous corporate forces. Anyone can shop at the co-op, and anyone can become a member. Stop on by and see what we’re all about!



Purchasing Guidelines

We will always purchase from local farms, local businesses, and larger independent companies whose practices are socially just and environmentally sound whenever possible. Our goal is to provide wholesome and nutritious food with affordable options while fairly paying farmers and producers and honoring the true cost of good food and its intrinsic values. This requires our buyers to carefully balance their purchasing power to find the best products available for the most affordable prices for our members and customers. We also ensure that locally or regionally grown or produced product sales do not subsidize non local products and are sold at the lowest price possible while meeting department benchmarks as well as honoring requests of our local farmers and producers to the best of our ability.

As much as possible, we will buy products from sources which are:

  • local and certified organic

  • small scale

  • collectively or cooperatively run

  • not-for-profit or non-profit

  • sustainable and/or environmentally-minded

  • needed to maintain a high quality and affordable product line

As much as possible, we will sell products that are:

  • organically or bio-dynamically grown

  • grown without chemically derived fertilizers and pesticides

  • non-GMO

  • fairly traded

  • grown using IPM / sustainable agricultural practices

  • minimally processed

  • free of bovine growth hormones, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives & sweeteners, added nitrates and nitrites, hydrogenated oils, added MSG, high fructose corn syrup

  • ecologically packaged (minimal packaging, recyclable, recycled, biodegradable…)

  • produced with fair, safe and humane labor practices

  • not tested on animals

Other considerations:

  • special dietary needs such as wheat-, gluten-, sugar-, dairy-, and salt-free

  • kosher, raw, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, macrobiotic options

  • protection of sensitive ecosystems

  • preservation of endangered or over-harvested species

  • customer/member demand

  • competitive price

  • ease of ordering

  • availability of storage space, both retail & back-stock