Why should you Co-op with us?

The Bexley Natural market works closely with local vendors, as well as other vendors offering organic, non-gmo, and chem free products. We research ingredients, sustainability practices, and corporate news/mergers, to make sure we are carrying unique, safe, clearly labeled, and responsibly sourced products.

Our bulk section includes a variety of grains, flours, beans, oats, and even granolas. We have bags here to fill, or you are free to bring your own container from home that we can weigh at the register prior to being filled. There is also a large bulk herbs department. All of our herbs come from Frontier Co-Op or Starwest. They include many organic, and fair trade options. Again, you may fill a bag here or bring your own container from home. Buying in bulk reduces waste, and your overall carbon footprint. We discourage people with severe allergies from buying bulk products, however, as they are not guaranteed to be free from all known allergens.


As a cooperative, there is no store owner, or CEO. There is only one Bexley Natural Market, we are not a chain. Fair prices are paid to all vendors for their goods and employees are paid a living wage. These buying practices do impact store sale’s prices, as we do not have the buying power, nor would we want it, to force small business owner’s hands and drive down the cost of goods.


            For small business owners, whether or not their products are sold in the market, we offer a Cost10 account. This allows businesses to purchase goods or ingredients without having to meet the larger shipping company’s minimum orders, and at a discounted price. The cost is 10% over wholesale. Once the products arrive, we call customer and request that they come within 24 to 48 hours to pick up items, and they must pay with cash or check.

            All of the daily practices by everyone within the Bexley Natural Market encourage sustainability as much as possible. Food waste is placed into plastic bins and picked up daily from local farmers for composting. Boxes are given out at the register for customers to transport products home from the market, with plastic bags costing $0.10 a piece. Even the plastic bags are compostable, however, and will not have a lasting effect on the environment. Packing materials that come with shipments are boxed up and donated to local vendors that can utilize those materials to ship their own products. Food goods that are no longer available to sell are donated to the local food pantry. Everything that can be recycled, is recycled. The manager recently took a tour of the Rumpke recycling plant with a few other members, to inquire about all things that are recyclable, and what makes something recyclable. Sometimes it is necessary to bag leafy greens in our produce section, for the longevity of the product, but we minimize the use of plastics wherever possible.


If you want to make an impact on local, sustainable economy, this is the place to shop. From local farmers, honey, jam, health and beauty products, and ethically sourced supplements, the Bexley Natural Market has what you’re looking for. We’ll see you at the market!