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We are taking all precautions to keep the Bexley Co-op a clean environment. By having customers place online orders, the staff is able to manage the store better and still maintain a high level of service during COVID - 19. If you have any questions, email


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1. Please fill out this form below ( scroll all the way down) in lieu of coming to the store to shop. 

2. A staff member will confirm your order by phone, take your credit card payment, and confirm a pick up time.  Please do not place your order and then drive to the store. Your order will not be ready. Orders placed weekdays after 6:00pm will be available for pick up the following day. Large grocery orders will always be prioritized. (This time changes every day depending on the number of orders.) Thank you for your patience.

3. Pick up Instructions: Please stay in your car. Call the store upon arrival with your name/vehicle type, and we will bring your groceries outside.

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SHOPPING: Our Facebook page has photo albums of our shelves by Category to help you shop as if you are in the store.

You can check Facebook for Photos of the products that we have which is constantly being updated!! Below are delivery updates showing the most up to date deliveries on products.  Our Wellness Buyer, Leilani, has an album of recommended anxiety/sleep/stress supplements and an album for recommended immunity boosters.

Do you have a shopping List and we keep being out of stock?: Place an order online and say that you are happy to pick up when everything is in stock. We will then either specifically order for you or reserve your products for you. Make a note in the order that you are willing to wait untill everything comes in! If your weekly shop is similar, also state that, and we can assume a weekly cadence with you.

Are you looking for something that we don't have?: TELL US!! Email We want to sell products you want.

Scroll down to the bottom to see the order form.

Delivery Updates on Sunday, March 29th at 8pm

BACK IN STOCK: Wild for Salmon fish is all here!! Scroll down to see the selections available today. Whole Milk, Whipping Cream 1/2 gallon (1left), 2%, Fat Free, 1/2 gal, Half & Half (1 pint) Garlic!!, Ground Turkey - Frozen (1), Local Raw Feta cheese (Osage Creamery - this cheese is soft & if you dont know about it, now you do!) , Scarlett Turnips (Beautiful - Roast them:), Wheatgrass, King Arthur Unbleached Flour (sold out), Red Lentils-bulk, Dried Chickpeas- bulk, Farmers Cheese - Probiotic & Unsalted, Unsalted and Salted Butter - Both Grassland brand (16oz) ($4.99) and Kalona brand, Organic Valley Cream Cheese, Boar's Head & Applegate Bacon, Frozen Blueberries- large bag, Ebans Gluten Free Bread (Oat or Seeded)

NEW: Ripple Ice cream pints ( vegan, gluten, soy, nut, lactose free) - 5 flavors, Everything Gluten Free Bagels - Frozen! (pack of 3) , + we have Organic Valley cream cheese, Abe's Vegan Fresh Chocolate chip muffins (6-pack), Abe's Vegan Lemon Pound cake Loaf, Redwood Goat Yogurt - Vanilla and Plain - Individual containers , $2 Limited Specials - Ask about this when your order is confirmed, Lion's Mane Mushrooms

  • Produce (see photos on Facebook)- 7am on 3/28: 

    • Vegetables: Garlic, Scarlett Turnips (Beautiful - Roast them:), head of lettuce, Wheatgrass, Local Russian Kale, Japanese Yams, Spiralized Beets - these are fun to saute or pretty in a salad, Red cabbage, green cabbage, white yams/sweet potato, Sweet potato, Parsnips, broccoli, Fresh Turmeric, Fresh Fennel, Asparagus, Crimini,  Lions Mane and Shitake Mushrooms, Scarlet turnips, black radishes, Watermelon radish, Daikon radish, Celery, Rutabaga​, minced shallots, minced garlic, all fresh herbs - bay leaves, thyme, marjoram, mint, lemongrass, Fresh Herb pastes in a tube. **Ask us about Recipes. We have simple recipes for using vegetables that you dont know what to do with! We will send recipes with your order if requested.

    • Fruits:  Cara Cara oranges (5), Kiwis, Bag of Fuji Apples, Bag of Gala Apples, Bag of lemons, Grapefruit,  Bag of Limes

  • Wild for Salmon is here!  - Arrived on Sunday March 29th! (**Ask us about cooking times!)

    • ​Unseasoned Wild Salmon burger (2 pack)

    • Feta Dill Wild Salmon Burger (2 pack)

    • Wild Salmon Whole Fillets - 1.1 lb - 2lb ($22-36)

    • Wild Salmon Portions - approx 7 oz portions ($7-9 each)

    • Wild Smoked Salmon Lox - Nova - 4 oz portions - ideal for bagels but can also be used in salads

    • Wild Pacific Cod Portions (meaty like sea bass) - approx 7 oz each ($6-$7 each)

    • Wild Pollack Fillets (thin) - pack of 3-4 fillets (approx 1 lb - $8.59 per pound) - ideal for children because of the mild flavor

    • Wild Smoked Salmon Ravioli - 13 oz resealable bag

    • Wild Scallops (1 lb) - 3 packs left!

    • Wild Shrimp (1 lb) - sold out!

  • Cherbourg Gluten Free baked is here - Thurs 3/26 -  Lemon Bars(4), Fresh Granola Bars(1), Gingersnap cookies(3), Chocolate Chip Cookies(3), Cinnamon Sugar Donut (1) **Ask about Gluten free options in the store

  • Portia's Cafe - 4pm on Wed. 3/25 - Italian Sub (1), Harvest Chili (1), Vegetable Rice Curry (5),  **Ask about Vegan options in the store

  • Portia's Cafe Fresh Desserts/Sweets is here! Gluten Free, Nut Free,Dairy Free  - Vegan Cheezecake - Chocolate (2), Lemon (3), N'Egg Nog(1), Chocolate Mint (2), Mango Berry(1); Chocolate Chip vegan cookie

  • Dan the Baker - Black Mountain, Country Sour

  • Lucky Cat Bread - next delivery is Wednesday. Sold out now. Please order on Tuesday to reserve a loaf and pick up on Wednesday.

  • Dairy

    • Snowville Milk is here!

    • Organic Valley Milk is in stock! - 1/2 gallon - Fat Free

    • Organic Valley cream cheese is in stock! 

    • Snowville Yogurt - 32 oz - Plain, Vanilla, Lowfat

    • Seven Stars Grassfed yogurt - 32 oz - Plain, Vanilla, Lowfat

    • Holistic Acres eggs

    • Snowville Creme Fraiche Sour Cream - sold out!

    • Grassland butter & Kalona butter

  • Cheese:

    • Goat: Raw Goat Feta (local & creamy), Mt. Sterling Raw Goat Mild Cheddar (hard), Mt. Sterling Raw Goat Sharp Cheddar (hard), Mt. Sterling Raw Goat Milk Feta (hard)

    • Cow: Kindred Creamery Wisconsin Smoked Gouda, Italian Parmesan Reggiano, Farmers Cheese - Probiotic (no salt added), Sliced Baby swiss, Jarlsberg, Boar's Head Chipotle Gouda, Boar's Head Gruyere, Kerrygold Dubliner, Kerrygold Swiss Cheese, Domestic Asiago, Italian BetaVitano Gold

    • Jack Cheese (cow): Rumiano Seoul Spice, Rumiano Sriracha Jack, Rumiano Island Fire Dance - Havarti Cheese with Mango and Habanero pepper, Boar's Head 3 Pepper Colby Jack, Neighborly organic Monterey Jack

  • Frozen Fruit is here! - Pomegranate, Mango, Pineapple, Peaches, Mixed Berry, Acai (for smoothies), Wheatgrass cubes (for smoothies), Cherries, Cranberries, Blueberries (sm or lg), Small Blueberries, Raspberries

  • Raven Rocks Grassfed Red Meat -  Grass Fed Marrow Bones (4) **Ask about Paleo options in the Store

  • Powerballs - (1 left) - These are from Raven Rocks

  • Reineckers Bread - sold out!

  • New Immunity Supplements in stock: Wild Harvest Elderberry Syrup AND Kick Ass Immune Activator drops. Also recommended: Zinc, Astralagus, Oil of Oregano, D3, Vitamin C

  • Pattycake Bakery -  Pattycake is closed til further notice.

  • Frozen Pizza - Fire UP - Sold out!

  • Out of stock - bananas, toilet paper, yeast, paper towels, Imagine No Chicken Broth bottle (we have Bouillon jar)

Thank you!!

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