PRODUCE (see photos on Facebook) - 9:07 am on 5/30 - Produce comes in Fresh Wednesday! Will be Fully Stocked


NEW! Prices on Produce

  • Vegetables: (Produce is not heavily packaged in plastic)

    • Local Today!

      • Green Edge Gardens:  Pe'sai Local Greens (Raw or cook - turns neon green when cooked), Japanese Turnips, Red Radish, Cilantro, Arugula, Salad mix, Green Chard

      • Front Axle Farm - Spring Mix, Japanese Turnips,  Gemstone Mix, Red Russian Kale

      • Swainway Farm - Romaine lettuce, bag of Spinach (0.5 lb)

      • "Mushroom Box" - $7 - Mushroom recipe and box details (Good Value, comes w/ storage tips, comes w/ recipe)

    • Fresh Veggies: Baby Purple Broccoli, Corn, Sugar Snap Peas bag, English Cucumber, Cucumber, Cauliflower, Fennel, Dill, Basil, Collards, Dandelion greens, Ginger,  Red beets! ( see Kit's Kitchen veggie burger recipe ) - ask for the ingredients for this in your next order, Whole Artichokes, White Yams,  Asparagus, Large Zucchini, Fennel, French AND regular green beans, Green, Red Bell Peppers!, Broccolli, Baby broccoli, Green Onion, Brussel Sprouts, red and green cabbage, Leeks, Spinach, Rosemary, curly kale and lacinato kale, Green Chard, Celery, Sugar Snap Peas - loose, Daikon Radish, shallots,  Clamshell of lettuce Work

    • Fruits: Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, White peaches, White nectarines, Honeydew, Cantelupe, Kiwi, Navel Oranges, Pink Lady apples bag, Fuji Apples bag, Granny Smith in a bag, Papaya, Mangos, Durondeau pears (50% off ), Pineapple, d'Anjou Pears (50% off) (yellow) loose, Limes, lemons, Grapefruit

    • Organic Seed Packages - $2.95 each

    • Organic Seedling Plants - More back in stock

    • Onions, Root Veggies, Squash etc: Kabocha squash, Butternut squash, Delicata Squash, Spaghetti Squash, Garlic, Shallots, Vidalia Onions, Sweet potatoes, White sweet potatoes,  Japanese Yams (purple on outside,white on inside)

    • Superfoods: Fresh Turmeric

    • Mushrooms: Portabella Mushroom Caps, White mushrooms, Crimini mushrooms, Shitake mushrooms, (dried mushrooms are also available -  Black trumpet, Crimini, Morels, Porcini, Oyster)

    • Microgreens & Sprouts (nutritious) - Swainway Local Microgreens - Dragon Blend, Power blend, Mild (Brassica) blend, Green Edge Sunflower Sprouts

    • Fresh Herbs in Clamshell - Rosemary, Dill, Basil

    • Fresh Herb pastes in tube: Org. Italian Herbs, Org. Sun-dried Tomato, Or. Jalapeno Peppers, Org. Basil **Ask us about Recipes. We have simple recipes for using vegetables that you don't know what to do with! We will send recipes with your order if requested.

Organic Seedling Plants  - $4.00 each

  • Available today! - Basil is sold out.

    • Herbs: Dill, Cilantro, Tarragon, Oregano, Lemon Thyme, Garden Sage, Parsley, Chocolate  Mint, Rosemary

    • ALL Cherry Tomato:  Sungold, black Trifele (heirloom dark red), Yellow Flame (orange heirloom), Super Sweet 100, Yellow Pear cherry (yellow) Tomato, Chocolate Pear (red) cherry tomato, Zebra cherry (green) tomato

    • Slicers Tomato - Mortgage Lifter (Heirloom Large), Kellogg's Breakfast (Orange Large Heirloom), Black Krim large multi Heirloom, Amish Paste plum tomato, 

    • Sweet / Bell Peppers - Sweet: Cali Bell, Cornito, Lunch Box, Carmen, Nardello    Bell: California Wonder

    • Spicy Peppers: Serrano, Jalapeno, Cayenne

    • Med-Hot Peppers: Leutschauer Paprika

  • Organic Seeds Packages are here! $2.95 per pack or 10% off pack of 10.


 All wild and sustainably caught from Wild For Salmon (**Ask us about cooking times!)

  • Wild Salmon

    • Wild Salmon Whole Fillets - 1.1 lb - 2lb (approx $20 - $36) - *Small Fillet serves 2-3 people. large fillet serves 4-5 people

    • Wild Salmon Portions - approx 7 oz portions ($7-9 each) 

    • Wild Salmon Burger - Feta Dill (2 per pack - $8) *Cooks in 2 minutes

    • Wild Salmon Burger - Spicy (2 per pack - $8)

    • Wild Salmon Burger - Unseasoned (2 per pack - $7)

    • Wild Salmon Steaks!! (New) approx 0.4 lb ($6-8 each) - Perfect for Grilling!

  • Smoked Wild Salmon

    • Wild Smoked Salmon Lox - Nova - 4 oz portions - ideal for bagels or salads

    • Wild Smoked Salmon Garlic Pepper  - 4 oz portion - Smoked over Alder & Maple wood, w/ garlic pepper

    • Wild Smoked Salmon portion - 4 oz packages  - Precooked, ready to eat on salads/Quick!

    • Wild Smoked Salmon Ravioli (Beautiful Large restaurant style) - 1 lb resealable bag - preorder for pickup 6/5

  • Wild White Fish

    • Wild Albacore Tuna Medallions (New) - 3 medallions per pack. Approx 1 lb each ($21.50/lb)

    • Wild Halibut Portions - approx 7 oz  ($10 - $13 each)

    • Wild Rockfish Whole Fillet (New) - 1/2 lb fillet (approx $6-8) - Perfect for Fish Tacos, Grilling (check out Panko Crusted Rockfish on The Kit's Kitchen Show!

    • Wild Pollack Fillets - approx 3 fillets /pack (approx $7-$9 per pack) - Mild flavor. Good for Children - preorder for 6/5 pickup

    • Wild Pacific Cod Portions (meaty like sea bass) - approx 7 oz each ($6-$7 each) - preorder for pickup 6/5

  • Wild Gulf Shrimp & Scallops​

Grassfed and Finished on grass beef, stewing meat, and steaks. Never fed any grain!

  • Raven Rocks Ground Beef 90 % lean - 1 lb - $9.49/lb

  • Organic Prairie Ground Beef 85% lean or 90% lean - $11.49/lb

  • Raven Rocks Beef Patties for hamburgers - pack of 4 - $9.49/lb

  • Grass Fed Marrow Bones for making broth​​ - $4.99/lb

  • Grass fed Soup bones for making broth

  • New! Rump Roast - boneless - good for stewing - $8.99/lb

  • Beef Chuck Roast - good for stewing (Boneless  - can be used for brisket) - $8.99/lb

  • Beef Cubes 1 lb - tenderized - good for stewing - $9.29/lb

  • Grass-fed Organic Strip Steak - New

  • Grass-fed Organic Filet Steak - New



  • Local Pasture Raised Chicken Tea Hills Farm : Available for pick up TODAY

    • Chicken Drumsticks Fresh ( 3 Fresh packs left- 6 per pack) or Frozen

    • Whole Chicken - Fresh (1 left) (Frozen is available today)

    • Breasts & Thighs & Wings are SOLD OUT- preorder for next week.

    • Chicken Sausage

      • Bratwurst (4 per pack)

      • Honey Chipotle (4 per pack)

      • Maple Breakfast Links (10 per pack)

    • Chicken Patties

      • Greek w/ Feta (4 per pack)

      • Butter Garlic (4 per pack)

      • Country (4 per pack)

      • Portabello Pesto with Mozzerella (4 per pack)

      • Herbes de Provance (4 per pack)

    • Chicken Meatballs

      • Spicy Italian (12 per pack)

      • Italian (12 per pack) - preorder for next week


Pork, Turkey, and Hot Dogs/Sausage

  • Organic Valley Roasted Turkey Slices......Boar's Head Bacon ..... Sheltons Ground Turkey...Applegate Turkey Bacon (1 left)......Sheltons: Meatballs, Italian Sausage....Organic Prairie Beef Hot dogs........Organic Prairie Uncured Beef Sausage


Prepared Foods/Snacks:

  • Portia's- see selections above

  • Amir  - Lentil Salad, Tabbouli, Cous cous


Reinvent Your Meals w/ these!

  • Foraged & Sown - Local Jam! - Catawba (Apricot w/ Thyme)

  • Foraged & Sown - Local Spiced Herbal Salts! -  Lemon Spicebush (lemon w/ peppery spicebush berry), Ramp Salt (Ramps)

  • Black Lava Salt

  • New! Traditional Basil Pesto in a jar

  • Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing w/ Avocado Oil or Primal Kitchen Balsamic Vinaigrette & Marinade​​

  • Tahini (Sesame Butter) - add to dishes for flavor! see Kit's Kitchen video on Lentils & Tahini

    • - Note: Beige Tahini is good for savory dishes. Black Sesame Butter is recommended for baking

  • Teriyaki Stir Fry & Marinade $4.79......Szechuan Spicy Hot Stir Fry & Marinade $4.49

  • Coconut Aminos (sm $7.99 & lg) - healthy! use like salt on salads, soups, entrees! : Original, Garlic, Teriyaki

  • Bragg's Ginger & Sesame

  • Seaweed Sprinkle (use on soups, fish or salads - great flavor & pretty)

  • Eden Foods' Sesame Seed Gomasio - Excellent healthy and pretty garnishes to soup or salad

  • Fusion Merlot Salt - sea salt & merlot - rub on chicken or red meat

  • Organic Veggie Wraps - Made with dehydrated veggies & fruits - Gluten Free - Spirulina or Original

  • NUCO Coconut Wraps - Moringa (Green), Turmeric (Orange), Original (white) - Heat them briefly and make Canapes or use as a wrap.

  • Organic Paleo GF Pizza Crust (original or Spirulina) - Made w/ dehydrated veggies, Spirulina, & Fruits - Make a Raw pizza or Hot pizza - recipes on back

    • 10 mins at 350 in oven for hot pizza. Marinara, cheese, Arugula - Done! amazing!

  • Kelp Noodles - ask for a homemade dressing recipe or buy Pad Thai sauce Do you know the secret to soften them? Ask us!

  • Sir Kensington Chipotle Mayo.........Sir Kensington Spicy Mustard

  • Liquid Smoke - Hickory Concentrate and Water!

  • Eden Red Wine Vinegar

  • Organic White Wine Vinegar

Savory Dishes and Pasta Accompaniments:

  • Ricotta Cheese 

  • Vegan Kite hill Ricotta Cheese

  • Vino de Milo: Pasta Sauce $4.99 - Roasted Garlic....Creamy Parmesan Vodka.....Pizza Sauce...... Bruschetta Mixture

  • Organic Prairie Cured Beef Sausage

  • Ginger Peanut Sauce

  • Thai Peanut Sauce

  • Neter's Nature Sassy hot sauce - 20% off

  • Hoisin Sauce

  • Tikka Masala Sauce - also comes vegan

  • Lotus Foods Rice: Heirloom Forbidden Black Rice, Red Bulgar, Jade Pearl Rice, Pink Rice......Lundberg Sushi Rice..........Jasmine Rice

  • Beef Bone broth in a 8 oz box - Pacific foods

  • Bone Broth - Beef Jalepeno - 1 left

  • Ohio City Pasta Sauce - Puttanesca w/ Anchovies - No Sugar or unnecessary added ingredients - $8.99

Entertaining and Making dinner more special!: Crackers, Olives and such:

  • Jeff's Garden: Greek Pepperoncini, Jalapeno peppers, Whole Castelvetrano olives, Spicy Antipasto Olives, KalamataOlvices

  • Capers, Pitted Large Black Olives, Grape Leaves, Randy's Pickles Sideburns,

  • Mary's Gone Crackers (GF): Superseed, Real Thin sea salt, Original..............Absolutely Gluten free cracked pepper crackers

  • New! Organic & Raw Sweet Potato Crackers GF......Organic & Raw Savory Cranberry Crackers GF

  • Amir Baked Pita Chips - Zahtar, Whole Wheat, Garlic.................NutThins - Sriracha-Almond, Nut & Rice - Pecan

  • Le Pain des Fleurs- Buckwheat, Chestnut, or Quinoa Crisps.....Organic Saltines, Jovial sourdough einkorn crackers, Finn Crisp, Alessi Garlic Breadsticks,

  • Cadia wheat crists, Golden rounds, Wasa sourdough crispbread, Annies White Cheddar Squares,

Fresh Bread, Baked Goods, Bagels, and GF Breads

  • Cherbourg Gluten Free -  Espresso brownie, Chocolate chip cookie, Granola Bar, Zucchini Mini Loaf

  • Lucky Cat Bread - White, Brioche, Multigrain, Sourdough,Wheat

  • Stan Evans Bakery - Pick up Buns !

  • Reineckers Bread - Large Rye, SF Sourdough

  • Dan the Baker bread - Country Sour, Sesame, Black Mountain

  • Ohio Pies  - Next delivery is Tuesday June 2

  • Sammy's Bagels ---- Available today: Everything + Cream cheese

    • Preorder Any bagels & cream cheese by Wednesday 2pm for Pick up Thursday

  • Food For Life Hot dog buns, Brown Rice wraps

  • Ezekiel Bread & Sprouted Hamburger buns & English Muffins - Sesame, Sprouted, Cinnamon Raisin

  • Ezekiel Sprouted Wraps/Tortillas (sm & lg)

  • Wheat Pita Pockets - Regular size and bag of minis for cute pockets!

  • Abe's Vegan Fresh Chocolate chip MINI muffins (6-pack) 

  • Manna Rye Bread (no yeast) or Manna Fruit & Nut - frozen

  • Sprouted Poppyseed Onion Bagels (frozen) - pack of 6

  • Berlin Bakery Spelt Bread - Sprouted, White, Whole Grain, Raisin, Sourdough, Biblical

  • Briochly Loaf/rolls - Frozen Brioche

  • Rudi's Bread - Dairy Free

  • Gluten Free

    • Honey Graham Crackers - GF

    • Coconut Cult - Probiotic Coconut yogurt - Mangos & Cream, Toffee Vanilla, Original, Chocolate Mousse

    • Against the Grain pizza crust

    • Buckeyes - homemade from Ohio Girl Bakes - Pack of 2 or 6

    • Cali'flour Frozen Pizza (GF) - Margherita...... Cali'flour Frozen Crust (GF)

    • OuterAisle Cauliflower pizza Small Sandwich thins (GF) ........ Large Cauliflower pizza Crusts/Wraps (GF)

    • Emmy's Chocolate Chip Cookies Bag - GF, Vegan, Grain Free 

    • Food for Life Brown Rice wraps

    • Flax4Life Gluten Free/Kosher Muffins: Carrot Raisin......Blueberry (Great ingredients)

    • Flax4Life Gluten Free/Kosher Chocolate Brownies

    • Abe's Coffee Cake MINI muffins (GF & V)

    • Popular! Sonny Marie's GF Cinnamon Swirl mini loaves - frozen

    • Nature's Path Dark Chocolate Waffles......Buckwheat Wildberry waffles

    • Dr. Praeggers Oaties Dipping Sticks (French toast)...Chocolate Chip...Original...Blueberry

    • Ebans Bakery - Gluten Free Hamburger buns - pack of 2 (New)

    • Ebans Gluten Free Bread  - Seeded, Oat

    • Popular! Gluten Free Everything Bagels (frozen) - pack of 4

    • Udi's Hot dog buns

    • Brownies's - ready to bake!

    • Eat Pastry GF Vegan/Non - GMO Cookie Dough - Chocolate chip

    • Polenta roll



  • Frozen Local Pizza - Fire UP - Margherita, 4 Cheese, Pepperoni, Chicken Pesto, Mushroom

  • Organic Artisan Thin Crust Frozen Pizza (2/pack) - clean Ingredients!

  • Delicious! Artisan Frozen Pizza - Kale Mushroom - DF, Kosher

  • Frozen Meals - Check out Facebook albums to see all.

  • Frozen

    • Veggies Ready to Roast! .....Beet Wedges....Root Vegetable (Parsnip, Sweet potato) Stick Fries

    • Cauliflower Hashbrowns.....Chipotle Spicy Sweet Potato Fries... Sweet potato Fries

    • Mozzarella & Broccoli Bites

    • Edamame in the pods!

Vegan Foods

  • NEW! Introducing 3 New Vegan/GF burgers - Clean ingredients!

    • Quinoa Original Burger

    • Sunshine BBQ Vegan/GF burger

    • Popular!  Artichoke Burger

  • Dr Praeggers - All American burger.....Buffalo Chick'n Tenders....Classic Chick'n Tenders...Mel's BBQ Chick'n Tenders

  • Dr Praeggers Fish Sticks

  • Fieldroast: Mexican Chipotle Sausages

  • Kite Hill Ricotta Cheese

  • Beyond Meat Breakfast Patties - Spicy

  • Beyond The Meat crumbles

  • Gardein meatless meat - crab, chicken patties,...........Alpha meatless meat.....Worthington Burger...All on SALE! $3 each

  • Tofurky Sausages

  • Tofurky Lunch Meat

  • Coconut Cult - Probiotic Coconut yogurt - Mangos & Cream, Toffee Vanilla, Original, Chocolate Mousse


Taco Tuesday Ideas - Vegan - Vegetarian - Beef - Salmon - White Fish....Tacos come in many ways

  • Tortillas...Corn, Sprouted Ezekiel (sm & lg), or Lettuce wraps or Corn Taco Shells!

  • Tortilla Chips - Shagbark, Garden of Eatin' (blue or Red hot blue), Montezuma..

  • SALSA - Ridiculously Good - Mild, Medium, Hot

  • Montezuma Raspberry Jalepeno Salsa

  • Brownwood Cherry Jalepeno Salsa - very good!

  • Frog Ranch Salsa in a jar - Mild, Medium, Hot, Chipotle

  • 7-layer Dip - Ask for the ingredients in your order

  • Shredded Cheese...Sour Cream......Hot Sauces....HATCH enchilada sauce....Lime....AVOCADO...

  • Sour Cream Alternative - Use Skyr or Greek style yogurt - optional to flavor it with taco seasoning

  • Recipe - Ask for ingredients in your order: Tofu Chorizo filling for Tacos

Sweets & Chocolate:

  • Ohio Girl Bakes - chocolate bark (individual portion) - white choc pretzel, mocha espresso, salted almond; 

  • Savory Nut Mix

  • Buckeyes - pack of 2 or 6  (packed like a gift),

  • Coconut Cult - Probiotic Coconut yogurt - Chocolate Mousse - healthy dessert:)

  • Organic Chocolate Sauce -  Great ingredients!

  • Chocolove - 25% off, Pascha 0g of sugar - Paleo chocolate, 25% off

  • Emmy's Chocolate Chip Cookies Bag - GF, Vegan, Grain Free - Organic

  • Simply Mills Soft Cookies Box........Simply Mills Frosting....Simply Mills Make Your Own Cookie Mix

  • CBD Chocolates....Acai Chocolate, Matcha Mint, Mint Chocolate, Caffe Mocha, Golden Turmeric

  • Keto Cacao Cups w/ MCT oil - $9.99 (pack of 7)

  • Hu Kitchen Chocolate Bar...Salty Dark (70%)...Simply Dark (70%)...Vanilla Crunch (70%)...Hazelnut Butter...Cashew Butter....Crunchy Mint (70%)

Jams & Nut Butters

  • Krema (local).... Peanut Butter - Creamy or Crunchy......Almond Butter

  • New! Granola Butter - Original or Chocolate - nut free

  • Raven Rocks Organic "Crispy" Almond Butter (sm & lg) (local)

  • Cashew Butter (excellent for creamy salad dressing!), Hazelnut Butter (new), Tahini, Pumpkin Butter, Black Sesame Butter, Apple Butter, Cashew Butter w/ dates - 1 left!, Almond Pecan Butter (new), Sunflower seed butter

  • Local Jams:

    • Country Kettle No added Sugar Fruit Jams - Strawberry, Grape, Blackberry, Elderberry, Apple butter, Strawberry Rhubarb, Peach, Blueberry,

    • Classic! French Marmalade

    • Popular! Native Harvest Plum Jam without seeds!

    • Sweet Thing Gourmet Jams - Strawberry Champagne,  Ginger Peach, Lemon Blueberry, Raspberry Jalapeno, Strawberry Rhubarb, Cherry Cognac, Hot Chili Cherry

    • Kyla Touris - Rhubarb & Blackberry w/ Limoncello...Rhubarb & Strawberry w/ vanilla bean & Bourbon

    • Foraged & Sown - Local Jams! - Catawba (Apricot w/ Thyme)

    • Vino de Milo Maple Bacon Onion Jam! - 6 g of sugar

Probiotics and Live Enzyme Foods - all GF

  • Fab Ferments Sauerkraut - Kimchi, Seaweed Sensation, Spicy Dill, Cosmic Curry, Juniper Caraway - Wonderful for a healthy gut!

  • New! Wildbrine Kimchi - $6.99

  • Bubbies Pickles & Bubbies Sauerkraut & Bubbies Dill Relish

  • Healthade Kombucha - Original, Ginger Lemon, Pomegranate

  • Beet Kvass Drinks - Ginger or Bubonic (w/garlic) - SALE! $7

  • Sea Vegetables (soak & use) - Wakame (for salad dressings), Kombu (cook w/ beans), Dulse (mix into zucchini saute) *Ask about this!

  • Miso Master - Make your own miso soup, add to soups instead of salt. Excellent nutritional replacement for salt

Sold out: 

Immunity, Sleep & Stress Supplements:

  • Wellness Formula Tablets - Recommended for immunity! (Garlic, Propolis, Echinacea, Elderberry, Olive Leaf, Vit A, C, D3, Zinc..)

  • Wellness Formula Zinc Tablets

  • CBD Charlotte's Web Gummies - Sleep

  • Stress- Relax - Relaxation & Mental Focus CHEWABLE tablets

  • Stress - Relax - Tranquil Sleep CHEWABLE tablets

  • Stress - Relax - Mental Calmness & Relaxation Chewable Tablets

  • Chewable Multi Vitamins for kids- Jungle Berry

  • Graviola Immune Protector (powder) - Add to water, tea or milk or a Smoothie!!  - detoxifying and boosts immunity

  • Black Elderberry syrup, Black Elderberry Syrup Nightime

  • Also recommended (call 6142523951 and ask for Leilani to discuss supplement questions!: Zinc, Astralagus, Oil of Oregano, D3, Vitamin C


  • Ricotta cheese!

  • Farmers Cheese - Probiotic & Unsalted.

  • Organic Valley Sour Cream

  • Creme Fraiche

  • Grassland butter (1lb) - salted & unsalted - $4.99

  • Kalona unsalted butter - 1lb

  • 32 oz Yogurts

    • Snowville ​​- 6% Plain yogurt, 2% Plain - 32 oz

    • Seven Stars -  Plain Yogurt.......Lowfat Plain........Vanilla- 32 oz​

  • Individual Yogurt Containers (5oz)

    • Icelandic Skyr 1.5% fat Blueberry (thick like greek yogurt) or Strawberry - 5 oz

    • Redwood Goat Yogurt -  Plain or Vanilla

  • Organic Kefir - Cultured Lowfat Milk - Probiotic & Berry Kefir

  • Copia, Holistic acres, Greenfield, Quiver - Chicken Eggs

  • Pint - Organic Valley Half & half 

  • Harztler Butter Roll - Local - 2 lb - $12.99

  • Organic Valley Cultured Butter Unsalted - 8oz - $6.29,

  • Kalona Cottage cheese​

  • Dairy Ice Cream - Talenti Gelato - Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Belgian Chocolate, Salty Carmel, Pistachio, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Butter Cup...........Ciao Bella Berry Passion fruit Sorbet......Aldens 1/2 gallon Ice cream - Coffee Chip, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Salty Caramel, Strawberry.............Chocolate and Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Stoneyfield ( pints)

Non Dairy

  • Non Dairy Milk in Fridge - Good Karma Flax Milk - Omega 3's - unsweetened (available Friday ).....Milkadamia Creamer - Unsweetened Original, Unsweetened Vanilla

  • Non Dairy Milk Shelf Stable - Elmhurst (Clean ingredients) Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, Oat Milk, Hazelnut Milk, Walnut Milk, Hemp Creamer............Pacific Foods Hemp Milk - Original or Unsweetened or Vanilla or Vanilla Unsweetened.....Tempt Hemp milk Unsweetened Vanilla.....WestSoy Plain Unsweetened Soy Milk (SALE)........Eden Soy Organic Original Soy Milk Fortified or Original or Unsweetened..........Pacific Foods Cashew Milk.....Milkadamia Original Lightly Sweetened or Unsweetened Vanilla or Unsweetened..........Almond Breeze Original or Unsweetened Original or Vanilla, or Unsweetened Vanilla or Chocolate, or Unsweetened Chocolate........Pacific Foods Oat Milk......So Delicious Organic Coconut Unsweetened or Unsweetened Vanilla

  • Individual Yogurt Containers (5oz)......Nancy's Oat milk Yogurt ($1.99) - Vanilla 

  • NEW! Coconut Cult - Probiotic Coconut yogurt (8oz or 16 oz) - Mangos & Cream, Toffee Vanilla, Original, Chocolate Mousse

  • Kite Hill Ricotta cheese - going fast

  • Cheeze - Violife Shredded Cheddar, Shredded Mozzerella, Sliced Cheddar, Feta, Almond Block Cheeze, Chao Cheddar, Smoked Gouda Slices

  • Earth Balance Butter - Vegan Sticks, Spreadable: w/ olive oil...Original....Soy free

  • Non Dairy Cream Cheese/Sour Cream - Tofutti Cream Cheese / Sour Cream .

  • Non Dairy Ice Cream

    • Ciao Bella sorbet - Berry..............Acai Dairy Free Sorbet Pint!

    • Mana (Local) Coconut pint - Tahitian Vanilla, Cinnamon Bun, Double Fudge, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint

    • Coconut Bliss Pints....Cold Brew Coffee....Vanilla Bean.....Coconut Bliss Vanilla (choc chip cookie) Sandwiches.......Coconut Bliss chocolate covered  Ice cream Sticks

    • Ripple Dairy Free Ice cream pints (vegan, gluten, soy, nut, lactose free) -  Vanilla Bean, Mint chip, Chocolate, Cinnamon Churro, Cookie's N  Cream

    • Tofutti Ice cream sandwiches (vanilla or Choc)

    • Chloes or Nature's Path Fruit Popsickles......Lime,  Pomegrante, Blueberry

    • Quart - So Delicious Ice cream - chocolate or Vanilla

    • Coco Whip



  • Goat: Mt. Sterling Raw Goat Mild Cheddar (hard), Mt. Sterling Raw Goat Feta (hard), Mt. Sterling Raw Goat Smoked Cheddar (New) (hard), Goat cheese mild cheddar sticks, Osage Raw Goat Feta (local & creamy).....Osage Brie in a box

  • Cow:  Parmesan Reggiano......New! Havarti block ....Cream Cheese (both Sammy's & Organic Valley) ...Mozzerella Ball.........Organic Valley Ricotta Cheese!

    • Neighborly Raw Milk Mild......Raw Milk Sharp...Raw Milk Extra Sharp

    • Organic Valley  Sharp Raw Cheddar......Mild Raw Cheddar.....Shredded Mozzerella, baby swiss slices

    • Domestic Asiago.......Italian BellaVitano Gold (parmesan/nutty & creamy!) $5.49.......Boar's Head Gruyere..........Kindred Creamery Wisconsin Smoked Gouda...... Jarlsberg........Farmers Cheese - Probiotic & Unsalted.

  • Jack Cheese (cow): Organic Valley Raw Monterey Jack.....Neighborly Jalepeno Jack......Montery Jack........Boar's Head 3 Pepper Colby Jack.......Rumiano Seoul Spice....... Island Fire Dance - Havarti Cheese with Mango and Habanero pepper


Frozen Fruit 

Mango, Blueberries -  Large, Acai - pack of 4 (for smoothies), Pitaya Dragon Fruit packs (for smoothies), Pomegranate, Pineapple, Peaches, Cherries, Omena Organics Cranberries, Raspberries, Mixed Berry

Frozen Veggies

Peas, Stir Fry, Veggie Medley, Green Beans, Beet wedges, Root Vegetable Sticks, Sweet Potato Fries ( or spicy), Cauliflower Hashbrowns, Edamame

Magnetic Springs Spring Water and Distilled Water and Alkaline water - 1 gallon 

Add Superfoods to Your SMOOTHIE or Yogurt or Guacamole!:

  • Sunfoods bag - Cacao powder (antioxidant), Moringa (detoxifies, immunity booster, iron), Camu Camu (Vit C, B3, Potassium, immunity booster), Super greens (digestive enzymes, probiotic complex, blood purifier), Acai powder (antioxidants w/ Omega 3), Black Maca powder (Energy, stamina, libido), Mulberries, Goji berries, Dried Fruit

  • Add Anima Mundi Adaptogenic drops to a smoothie- 7 Mushroom Immunity Support ($19.99)

  • Add Protein Powders - Ask About our selections

  • Sunfoods Chlorella / Spirulina tablets - Chew or swallow on the go to get in your Greens when you cant eat greens/salad

  • Havens Herbs - Local Turmeric Paste - Make Golden Milk or put on toast!


Regulate your stress: CBD regulates your stress, anxiety systems as well as physical pain

  • CBD Chocolates....Acai Chocolate, Matcha Mint, Mint Chocolate, Caffe Mocha, Golden Turmeric

  • Popular! CBD Charlotte's Web Gummies 10mg - Sleep w/ melatonin

  • CBD Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract Liquid Capsules 15 mg (sm & lg) 

  • CBD Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract Dropper -  Olive Oil (7mg), Mint Chocolate Flavor (17mg), Lemon Twist Flavor (7mg)

  • Topical CBD .....Roll On 200mg.....Cream 750mg....Balm 100mg (Price Dropped)

  • CBD Calm Juice

*If using CBD for arthritis, use topical Balm and take oral extract dropper.

Functional Mushrooms - Tea & Coffee drinks: 4 Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir packets

Ask about our new high quality dehydrated mushrooms!

Thank you!!

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1. Where can I find photos of products?

Our Facebook page has photo albums of our shelves by Category to help you shop as if you are in the store.


2. I order things that are always out of stock, can I be called when its in stock?: Place an order online and say that you are happy to pick up when everything is in stock. We will then either specifically order for you or reserve your products for you.

3. Can I recommend a product that I want to buy, but you don't have?

Yes! Email bexleynaturalmarket@yahoo.comWe want to sell products you want!


4. I have a question about supplements. Call or Email our Wellness Expert, Leilani Monfort, who can help identify what supplements, tinctures, herbs, teas, and body care will be best for you.  

Leilani's Customer hours: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri -  10am - 4:30pm.

Please scroll down to the bottom to see the order form


Last Update: Sat, May 30 @ 1:04 pm
  • Details on Today's Updates, New Products, and Basics in the Kitchen

  • Below is Not a list of everything in the store. You CAN order items that are Not on this list:)

  • Ask if you are looking for something in particular. You can order bulk herbs, grain, beans, flours too.

  • You can always have just 1 item  in your order such as a guacamole or a bag of chips. Do not feel bad about having a small order.  We are here for you!

Helpful Product lists (open in a new tab to help you create your grocery list)
Wine Lists & Prices   Beer Lists & Prices   Supplement Directory   SALE    Prices - Fruit & Veggies    Herbs/Spices in Bulk w/ prices
Fresh Saturday: Dan the Baker.....Fresh Guacamole....Cherbourg Bakery....Stan Evan Hamburger/Hot dog BUNS......Lucky Cat Bread....Portia's!.​​​

Saturday:  ​​

  • Exciting news! Coconut Cult Probiotic Yogurt is here! (rich and creamy - like a dessert) - $9.99 - 8oz  $13.99 - 16oz

    • Vanilla Toffee (8 oz), Mangos & Cream (8 oz)​, Original (8 oz or 16 oz)​, Chocolate Mousse (8 oz or 16 oz)​

  • Baked Today! Cherbourg Bakery - GF - Lemon Bar, Smore's Bar, Espresso brownie, Zucchini Mini loaf, Chocolate Chip cookies, Granola Bar

  • All Plants available are below - updated and available today. Last Call on buying plants - beautiful varieties

  • local ROMAINE Lettuce is here!! wont last!

  • Baked Today! Dan The Baker Bread

  • Baked Fresh - Stan Evans Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns!

  • Portia's Vegan Cafe .....Oil Free Hummus.........Italian Sub...GUACAMOLE.....Potato Salad......Kale Salad.......Beet Salad......Granola (16oz)....Vegan Cheezecake -  Mint Chocolate, Lemon

  • Local Pasture Raised Chicken - Fresh & Frozen from Tea Hills Farm is here! see below for selection.


Organic Seedling Plants  - $4.00 each

  • Available today! - Basil is sold out.

    • Herbs: Dill, Cilantro, Tarragon, Oregano, Lemon Thyme, Garden Sage, Parsley, Chocolate Mint, Rosemary

    • ALL Cherry Tomato:  Sungold, black Trifele (heirloom dark red), Yellow Flame (orange heirloom), Super Sweet 100, Yellow Pear cherry (yellow) Tomato, Chocolate Pear (red) cherry tomato, Zebra cherry (green) tomato

    • Slicers Tomato - Mortgage Lifter (Heirloom Large), Kellogg's Breakfast (Orange Large Heirloom), Black Krim large multi Heirloom, Amish Paste plum tomato, 

    • Sweet / Bell Peppers - Sweet: Cali Bell, Cornito, Lunch Box, Carmen, Nardello   

    • Heirloom Bell Pepper: California Wonder

    • Spicy Peppers: Serrano, Jalapeno, Cayenne

    • Med-Hot Peppers: Leutschauer Paprika

  • Organic Seeds Packages are here! $2.95 per pack or 10% off pack of 10.


New Product Updates on Saturday!

  • New Products Today!:​​ ​

    • Oil Free Local Hummus - $4 - available today

    • King Arthur All Purpose and Bread Flour is here! 

    • Talenti Gelato - Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Belgian Chocolate, Salty Carmel, Pistachio, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Butter Cup

    • New! Pooks Baked Goods Chocolate chip Espresso cookies

    • Lucky Cat Bread  - Sourdough, Brioche, Multigrain, White, Wheat - $4.99

    • Reinecker's Bread - Whole Wheat Sourdough, SF Sourdough, Volkhorn Brick, Large Rye

    • Red Hot Blues - Garden of Eatin' Chips

    • New Smaller size bag (regular) - Blue Chips ( large bag & small bag available)

    • Lundberg Rice Chips - Sesame Seaweed GF

    • Lundberg Sea Salt Tortilla Chips GF

    • New! Boar's Head Havarti cheese

    • Basil Pesto - new with great ingredients

    • Buckwheat Soba Noodles - no extra flours. Just buckwheat flour

    • Graham Crackers - Annie's

    • Digestive Bitters - $1.99

    • Organic Holy Basil drops - $16.99 - Remedy for when you have zero chill in you!

    • Almonds Roasted with salt - 1/2 pound packages

    • Ramble Coffee Whole bean!! - Roasted in Clintonville! Mexico (Medium), Brazil ( Medium/Dark), Guatemala (Medium)

    • Two Roasting Joes - Local Organic Coffee Beans - Ground or Whole Beans - 1. Bold & Dark 2. Ethiopian Fair Trade 3. Med/Dark (Recommend)

    • Backroom Coffee (local) -  Light, Medium or Dark or Rum Roast!

    • NEW! Restaurant size Wild Large Scallops (1 lb)

    • Local Turmeric Paste ( in a jar like nut butter) - Make Golden Milk or put on toast!

    • Wildly Organic Fermented Cacao powder bag 

    • Organic Coconut Sugar

    • New! 5 Grain Soy boy Tempeh - (see Kit's KitchenTempeh recipe) - ask for these ingredients in your next order

    • Dried Mushrooms! High Quality Morels, Crimini, Shitake, Portabello, Porcini, Maitake, Black Trumpet (soak in water for 20 mins. - better than fresh!) Rangefrom $1 - $3 - $5 - $12 per bag

    • New! pickup 5/30- Hummavore Local Hummus (no sugar) - Oliver or MidEast or Original


  • Back in Stock Today:​

    • King Arthur All Purpose Flour & Bread  is here! Arrowhead Mills All Purpose Flour too!

    • Local hummus - $2.99 FJ Yandam

    • Organic Kefir - Berry

    • Boar's Head 3 Colby Jack cheese

    • Boar's Head Gruyere

    • Benevolent Bacon - Vegan Bacon

    • Sunflower seed butter

    • Bellavitano cheese - parmesany/creamy - so good!

    • Redwood Goat Yogurt 5 oz -  Plain or Vanilla

    • Organic Skyr! - 5oz - Strawberry or Blueberry

    • Icelandic Skyr Plain - 24 oz

    • Wallaby 32 oz Vanilla Bean yogurt

    • Artichoke Burger is back!!

    • Violife Mozzarella shreds is back (cheddar too) $4.99

    • Popular! Kite Hill Everything cream cheese - $6.99

    • Parmesano Reggiano Cheese!

    • Flax4Life Gluten Free/Kosher Chocolate Brownies (12 pack)

    • Flour Tortillas

    • Organic Edamame

    • Fab Ferments Seaweed Sensation....Kimchi is back in - We have all the flavors

    • Dr Praeggers Fish Sticks!

    • Dr Praeggers - All American burger.....Buffalo Chick'n Tenders....Classic Chick'n Tenders...Mel's BBQ Chick'n Tenders

    • Against the Grain GF Pizza Crust

    • Castelvetrano Olives....Kalamata Olives....Antipasto Olives

    • Buckwheat waffles - chocolate chip or Blueberry

    • Frozen Peas ....Frozen Stir Fry mix

    • Raw Local Goat Feta + Goat Brie in a brown box

    • Wildwood Fresh Extra Firm or Firm Tofu (see Kit's Kitchen Tofu Scramble recipe)

  • New Sale:

    • Shagbark Corn Mini Cracker Chips - $2.99 (Reg: $3.99)

    • JB's local BBQ sauce (2 types) and JB's Bourbon Ketchup - 20% off

    • Montezuma hot sauce - 20% off

    • Vegetable/flour Eden alphabet Pasta + GF Pastas 20% off

    • Brownwood Jalepeno Cherry Salsa ....- 20% off

    • Newman's Own Oreo's - all flavors - 20% off

    • Oogave non - alc. Beverages - 4 packs in glass bottles

    • Beauty Products, Soaps, Glenn Ave pump soap and lotions sales - ask about currently available sale!

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