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Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide high quality food, customer service, and educate our members and community on leading a healthier lifestyle.


Food Mission: Provide food of the highest nutritional value; least processed (1), local (2), organic (3), transparent origin (4) and at a competitive price (5).


Local Mission: Cultivate connections with members and vendors to sustainably build local businesses and provide the needs of local

members. When needed, fill in the selection with diligently researched products.


Education Mission: Lead in education through in-store signage and events, direct vendor interaction, preparing food, gardening, and

community outreach about better food choices.

Core Values:

  • Promote and foster better food choices

  • Cultivate, strengthen, and partner with local vendors to grow their business sustainably

  • Inspire and empower our members and the community through food education and products

  • Champion environmentally responsible practices

Our Results:

  • Build community and strengthen the local economy

  • Support local farmers and other local food artisans

  • Pay our workers a living wage

  • Stock items that are sustainably produced

  • Promote food justice and accessibility to healthy food

  • Provide clear labeling and full product disclosure

  • Educate the community about healthy eating

The Bexley Natural Market works closely with local vendors, as well as other vendors offering organic, non-gmo, and chem free products. We research ingredients, sustainability practices, and corporate news/mergers, to make sure we are carrying unique, safe, clearly labeled, and responsibly sourced products.

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