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Co-Op Membership

Cooperatives are businesses owned and controlled by the people who use them. Cooperatives differ from other businesses because they are member owned and operate for the benefit of members, rather than earn profits for investors.

By becoming a member of the Co-Op, you become part owner.


Membership Benefits

Fees & Pricing

Your initial membership fees consist of a $30 deposit and annual dues.

Our membership options are tailored to different individuals to allow more opportunity to join the Co-Op.

Deposit: $30

(This one-time, refundable deposit remains the same for all members!)


Annual Dues: _____

Family (Households of 2 or more): $45

Single (Household of 1): $20

Military (Must Show Valid ID): $30

Business (Valid for 4-6 People): $70

After the first year, you only pay your annual dues.

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