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Local Vendors

Alchemy Meal Prep

Amish Country Popcorn

Backroom Coffee

Berlin Natural Bakery

Black Cap Hot Sauce

Black Kawaha Coffee


Brother's Drake Meadery




Copia Eggs

Crazy Richard’s

Crimson Cup

Crumbs Bakery

Dandy Blend

Dan the Baker

De Massimo's

Divine Living

Dolce Amore

Earth Elements

Eban's Bakery

Fired Up Pizza

Foraged and Sown

Fred’s Farm

Frog Ranch

Glenn Avenue Soap Co.

GoSmart Superfoods

Grace Chocolates

Green Plains Bison Farm

Guided by Mushrooms

Heart State

Hen of the Woods

Holistic Acres

Honey Run Farm


Ingram Acres

Jackie O's

Jeni’s Ice Cream

Jenning's Java Coffee

Joyfull Sweets

Just Us Organics

Lapp It Up

Lily Hollow Homestead

Local Folks’ Food

Lotte Naturals


Madhouse Vinegar

Meanie Konbini

Minus G Baking


Mushroom Harvest Provisions

Mrs. Miller's 

Natural AWA


North CountryCharcuterie

OAT Milk

Ohio Pies

Outerbelt Brewing Co.

Pasture Fowler

Patchwork Gardens

Pattycake Bakery

Potion Matcha Bar

Plant Gays

Propello Life

Prospect Jam

Pure Ohio Maple Syrup

Quiver Full Family Farm

Ramble Coffee

Raw Ohio Honey

Red Beard Bees

Reineckers Bakery

Rose & Ravine

Rush Creek Bread

Seventh Son


Shell Dust

SOW Strong Foods

Snowville Creamery

Stan Evans Bakery

Stardust Standard

Stutzman Farms

Sweet Grass Dairy

Sweet Thing Gourmet

Swiss Meadows Dairy

That Life CHANGing

The Country Kettle

Tea Hills Farm

Three Creeks Produce

Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery

Two Roasting Joe’s Coffee



Wiley's Finest

Wild Origins


Woodhouse Vegan

Yawning Bear

Yoder Family Farm

Our Local Farms

Know Where Your Food Comes From

Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery

Vigeo Gardens

Tea Hills Farms

Fred's Farm

Sweet Grass Dairy

Copia Farms

Three Creeks Produce

Quiver Full Farm

Green Plains
Bison Farm

Patchwork Gardens

Guided by Mushrooms

Snowville Creamery

Mushroom Harvest Provisions

Yoder Family Farms

Pasture Fowler

Swiss Meadows

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