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Bulk Bins

The Bexley Natural Market has a large bulking area with many ingredients from grains, flours, beans, oats, granolas, teas, herbs, spices that you will not find elsewhere.   
All of our herbs come from Frontier Co-Op or Starwest. They include many organic, and fair trade options. 

The bulk section is an excellent way to discover grains and ingredients that you may be unfamiliar with that have incredible medicinal benefits or prevent food sensitivities. 

Herbs - Spices - Grains  Flours - Tea - Oats
Granolas - Beans - Cacao

Buying in bulk reduces waste, and your overall carbon footprint.
We discourage people with severe allergies from buying bulk products, however, as they are not guaranteed to be free from all known allergens.


We have bags here to fill, or Bring your own container from home that we can weigh at the register prior to being filled.
Spill less at home transferring your purchases to your jars!

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