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Fresh Baked Bread & Baked Goods
From Local Partners

Breads: locally, we have bread makers committed to creating a small batch of traditional bread

Note: All Bread & baked goods typically sell out within 2-3 days of delivery.

Dan The Baker (Delivers Friday AM)- Sourdough Artisan loaves are created from 100% organic whole grains (rye, whole spelt) with additions of sprouted whole grain millet, quinoa, buckwheat, and oats; using the ancient method of sourdough fermentation. For most of our breads, we use only our wild leaven to raise the dough. This time-honored technique imparts a beautiful complexity and savor to our bread, and yields easily digestible loaves. 

Lucky Cat (Delivers Wednesday AM) - Using traditional bread making practices, Lucky Cat make bread using the best ingredients, slow fermentation, and time-intensive artisan practices.

Suppliers of our most substantial ingredients include:

  • King Arthur Flour – Majority of flour

  • Stutzman Farms – Ohio organic whole wheat flour, Ohio organic rye flour and rolled rye

  • Greenfield Farms – Ohio organic eggs

  • Vermont Creamery – European style cultured butter

Fromagerie (Delivers Saturday AM) - The owner is a cheese maker. All loaves are to be enjoyed with cheese or cheese is baked in. Varieties include Rosemay Focaccia, Jalapeno Cheddar, Onion & Gruyere, & Cinnamon loaves

Reineckers (Delivers Wednesday AM ) - German Bread Master has been making bread for 50 years using traditional bread making practices. He cultivates the flavor from whole grains with natural fermentation.

Crumbs (Delivers Wednesday AM) - Organic bread also using tradional bread making processes and uses ingredients from these suppliers.

Stan Evans (Delivers Wed AM )-

Bakery: Baked goods are single serving and are delivered in small batches.

Pattycake Bakery (Delivers Friday AM) - Conscientious Vegan bakery -  brownies, cookies, cupcakes, & muffins

Crumbs (Delivers Wednesday AM)- Organic Cookies

Cherbourg (Delivers Thursday AM) - Gluten free and/or dairy free granola bars, lemon bars, zucchini loaf and cookies

Ohio Pies (Delivers Tuesday PM) - Organic pies with seasonal flavors

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