COVID- 19 Changes when Shopping in the Store:
  • The store has an updated layout to accommodate maximum distancing
  • Face Mask is REQUIRED (we offer complementary disposable masks)
  • Plexi-glass sneeze guards are installed at the registers
  • Only 8 customers are allowed in the store at one time
  • Customers can choose to use their own bags and/or bag their own groceries
  • Increased Sanitation throughout the store
  • Each cart and basket is sanitized after every use.
  • All bulk and herb stations have gloves available for customer's use & Sanitizing wipes
Please reach out with any questions or concerns.
In addition, we encourage you to continue online ordering and curbside pickup because we are now staffed for it.

Here at The Bexley Natural Market we make it a priority to support our community by creating an inclusive and safe space for all. Together we bear witness to the history of injustice, not only in our nation, but in our own city. We recognize the inequality of treatment by law enforcement, which disproportionately affects the Black community. Further, we recognize the foundation of our country is, in part, built on systematic racism. We acknowledge that ongoing protests allow communities to share their message; we join them in fighting for equality and fair treatment for all.    

Welcome To Your Co-op!

Filled With More Than Just High Quality Food

Do you want to know when large deliveries are?

The following are the days when restocking happens. Wednesday and Friday are the largest restocking days.

Monday: Local produce

Tuesday: Pattycake Bakery, Snowville products, Ohio Pies, Portia's Vegan Prepared Foods, Lettuce Works

Wednesday: Produce, Stan Evans Bakery, Lucky Cat Bread, Reineckers Bread, Many Grocery items

Thursday: Dan the Baker Bread, Woodhouse Vegan, Supplements, Sammy's Bagels,

Friday: Seaworthy Bread, Produce, Cherbourg GF Baked goods, Grocery, Snowville products,

Saturday: Lucky Cat Bread, Raven Rocks Beef, Bella goat Bakery

Fresh Baked Bread & Baked Goods
From Local Partners

Breads: locally, we have bread makers committed to creating a small batch of traditional bread

Note: All Bread & baked goods typically sell out within 2-3 days of delivery.

Dan The Baker (Delivers Friday AM)- Sourdough Artisan loaves are created from 100% organic whole grains (rye, whole spelt) with additions of sprouted whole grain millet, quinoa, buckwheat, and oats; using the ancient method of sourdough fermentation. For most of our breads, we use only our wild leaven to raise the dough. This time-honored technique imparts a beautiful complexity and savor to our bread, and yields easily digestible loaves. 

Lucky Cat (Delivers Wednesday AM) - Using traditional bread making practices, Lucky Cat make bread using the best ingredients, slow fermentation, and time-intensive artisan practices.

Suppliers of our most substantial ingredients include:

  • King Arthur Flour – Majority of flour

  • Stutzman Farms – Ohio organic whole wheat flour, Ohio organic rye flour and rolled rye

  • Greenfield Farms – Ohio organic eggs

  • Vermont Creamery – European style cultured butter

Fromagerie (Delivers Saturday AM) - The owner is a cheese maker. All loaves are to be enjoyed with cheese or cheese is baked in. Varieties include Rosemay Focaccia, Jalapeno Cheddar, Onion & Gruyere, & Cinnamon loaves

Reineckers (Delivers Wednesday AM ) - German Bread Master has been making bread for 50 years using traditional bread making practices. He cultivates the flavor from whole grains with natural fermentation.

Crumbs (Delivers Wednesday AM) - Organic bread also using tradional bread making processes and uses ingredients from these suppliers.

Stan Evans (Delivers Wed AM )-

Bakery: Baked goods are single serving and are delivered in small batches.

Pattycake Bakery (Delivers Friday AM) - Conscientious Vegan bakery -  brownies, cookies, cupcakes, & muffins

Crumbs (Delivers Wednesday AM)- Organic Cookies

Cherbourg (Delivers Thursday AM) - Gluten free and/or dairy free granola bars, lemon bars, zucchini loaf and cookies

Ohio Pies (Delivers Tuesday PM) - Organic pies with seasonal flavors

What's New! The Co-op is member-owned.
Your store should be your store!
  • New Membership Gifts

  • Local Featured Area

  • Priced permanently dropped on many items

  • Wild for Salmon - wild caught Sockeye Salmon, Pacific Cod, Scallops, Shrimp

  • More fresh local baked goods

  • Find Easy Recipes to Use Produce that you aren't accustomed to using, but have so many benefits like...Rutabaga, Celery Root, Turnips, Radishes, Leeks, Fennel, Black Trumpet & Shitake mushrooms

  • Healthy Snacks Station for on the go - nut mixes, superfood cubes, chips, seaweed snacks, fruit snacks, dried fruit, yogurts & more.

  • Last Chance Area -  50% off select products

  • More local produce through the winter to support local farmers that grow inside.

  • Request products at the register or Talk to Staff!